The Dovenschmidt Quarterly

    Editorial Board

    Sybren de Hoo 

    Professor of Corporate Sustainability and Innovation at Maastricht University and at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



    Eric Loos

    Secretary to the editorial board and Treasurer of an Italian medical technological group


    Roberto Pardolesi

    Professor of Comparative Law and Private Law at the Luiss Guido Carli and Specialist in Law and Economics and Competition Law

    Kid Schwarz

    Chairman of the editorial board DQ and Professor of Corporate Law and Governance at Maastricht University

    Mieke Olaerts 

    Managing Editor DQ and Assistant Professor at Maastricht University         

    Michael Faure

    Professor of Law and Economics and Evironmental Law at Maastricht University and at Erasmus University Rotterdam                 

    Xin-Zhu Zhang

    Professor of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Jiangxi University Finance and Economics       

    Sharon Oded

    Assistant Professor of Law and Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Senior Associate at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek